SQL Server User Group Sydney

I’m a speaker at The Sydney SQL Server User Group. It is a group for Database IT Professionals who are interested in the Microsoft SQL Server technology stack and related technologies.

The group meets monthly and covers topics from the following tracks.

  • DBA: Database Administration

The DBA track covers topics that are primarily of interest to the Database Administrator such as SQL Server architecture and internals, disaster recovery, high-availability, hardware, performance optimization, troubleshooting and administration.

  • DBD: Database Development

The DBD track is for the Database Developer and covers areas such as database design and optimization, indexing, concurrency, Transact-SQL, coding patterns / practices and query optimization.

  • ARC: Architecture

The ARC track is designed to address the needs of Solution / Enterprise Architects. This track is more concerned with solution design, architecture patterns and best practises, scalability, SQL Server technologies, and aligning your business with Microsoft’s strategy / vision.

We aim to deliver sessions that are of a higher calibre than paid-for events such as Microsoft TechEd/Ignite. The sessions are technically deep, applicable to your work and full of “lessons from the field”. You should walk away from a session with a better understanding of the technology and how it can be applied in your organization.

My presentations: